The collaboration of skills of a group of craftsmen and latest equipment environment offers unmatched, optimal products.

Crafting skills and expertise cultivated over 60 years, a work environment with an established production control system and number of high-precision machines to meet every need by consolidating these capabilities, we can achieve super high precision of 3 µ or less. We continue to meet the customer needs of upcoming generations.

Strengths of our Parts Division business

Pursuit of customer needs

We cater to a wide variety of customer needs with our accumulated experience and rich know-how along with more than 70 machining tools. We satisfy diverse customer requests ranging from general parts to super high-precision parts. Our high-precision lapping developed by semiconductor processing achieves sub-micron levels of flatness of under 1 µm.

Collaboration of craftsmen who keep sharpening their skills

Manufacturing by a group of craftsmen who have mastered the top levels of processing techniques produces the super high-precision parts of which we boast. Our group of seasoned technical experts, over 90% of whom are nationally certified technicians, satisfy the diverse needs of our customers. They never stop learning the latest processing technologies to further enhance their skills and handing down their expertise to coming generations.

Cutting-edge design Production management

The 3D CAD / CAM system supports our wide-ranging manufacturing. The introduction of WAN which enables speedy utilization and sharing of information has established the simultaneous operations of process designing and material procurement. We can thus achieve remarkably short delivery periods even for custom-made products, for which we are highly acclaimed.

Attractions of our parts division business

Manufacturing environment
that achieves super high precision

Our highly regulated steady temperature / humidity control enables stability in product quality and improvement in inspection precision. We use 3D measuring instruments made by Carl Zeiss and other high-precision tools.
To ensure high-precision quality control, the plant is kept at 20°C ± 1°C and 65% humidity, while we the inspection room is kept at 20°C ± 0.5°C and 65% ± 2% humidity. Such a manufacturing environment enables high-precision processing and measurement. We carry out super high-precision manufacturing based on three factors of steady temperature / humidity control, a full range of measuring instruments and a suite of high-precision machining tools.

System for ensuring high performance and quality

Suite of a wide variety of
high-precision machines

With our high-speed machining tools capable of speedily processing precision parts, latest 5-axis processing machines, and large-scale parts processing machines, we provide services for various needs requiring high precision and large scale processing.
We can process large parts up to 2900 mm (W) * 6000 mm (D) * 1500 mm (H) in size. We offer highly reliable parts by using precision lap processing based on technology that has been refined through the manufacturing of semiconductors. In addition to the usual steel, aluminum and stainless steel, we are capable of processing such difficult materials as Ti-64AI-4V, invar (low-thermal expansion material), Inconel 718, and SUS329.

Future of our parts division business

Challenging ourselves for
high-precision processing

As we have over the past 60 years, we will focus on the succession of our technologies and on the development of the younger generation of employees with a view to proactively challenging ourselves for production of higher precision parts and pioneering in new fields.
We are learning the most advanced processing technologies and introducing the latest processing machines for handing down our top-in-the-industry processing technologies and cultivating a group of new professionals. To improve our technical capabilities and pioneer new fields, we are challenging ourselves in the processing of parts that are harder to machine and of higher precision than the current level. We will continue to strive for workplace and technical succession whereby the assets of Fuso Machine Works-the possibilities of human potential-can be maximized.