5-axis CNC
machining center

Manufacturer : Makino Milling Machine
Model : T1
Performance range (unit: mm) :

CNC composite
machining lathe

Model : LB45Ⅱ-M CX1000
Performance range (unit: mm) : Φ650*1000

Vertical machining center

Manufacturer : Mitsui Seiki Kogyo
Model : VU65A
Performance range (unit: mm) : 1280*650*610

hyper machining center

Manufacturer : OKK Corporation
Model : VP600
Performance range (unit: mm) : 1120*610*460

surface grinder

Manufacturer : Okamoto Machine Tool Works
Model : PSG-157
Performance range (unit: mm) : 1550*700*700

3D measuring instrument

Manufacturer : Carl Zeiss
Model : PRISMO 7
Performance range (unit: mm) : 900*1180*650

Roundness /
straightness measuring

Manufacturer : Taylor Hobson Ametek
Model : Talyrond 265
Performance range (unit: mm) : Φ350*500

Surface roughness
shape profile
measuring instrument

Manufacturer : Tokyo Seimitsu
Model : Surfcom 3000A
Performance range (unit: mm) :
Max. height: 450

Processing samples

Challenging ourselves for production of aircraft parts (Aluminum)
Technical capabilities only possible with a group of experienced craftsmen
Flatness of under 0.3 μ in precision lap processing
Parts processing at micron levels
Machined item illustrating the ultimate in processing technology
Challenging ourselves for engine parts trials (Inconel 718)

Other parts

Super high-precision parts for semiconductor manufacturing machines (exposure, inspection, separation and polishing units)
Aircraft parts: fittings, clips and stiffeners