Achieving next-generation die production with our latest, total-planning system utilizing IoT and digital technologies.

We work on producting the next-generation dies utilizing the latest IoT and digital technologies based on the sophisticated skills and advanced processing techniques that we have been developing over many years. We continue to reduce the costs and delivery times and tackle new die production technologies.

Strengths of our Die Division business

Total planning technology
and company-wide

All processes from review of product design through to designing, processing, assembly, trial and product inspection are carried out in an integrated in-house system. All of the processes done in-house achieves shortened lead time, cost reduction, and assures the highest quality. We are also able to produce special dies by incorporating our specialized machines manufacturing technologies.

Introducing IoT
and digital technologies
ahead of the industry

We have increased efficiency by employing flow and warpage analyses using a CAE system and utilizing the latest non-contact measuring 3D camera, “3D Digitizer.”

System for assuring
products made by dies

After production, the consistency of the dies is confirmed by trials using molding and press machines until they pass final inspection. The measurement data are utilized by the design department for reverse engineering.
Significance of our die division business

Equipment to make high productivity and precision

Equipped with equipment including a 5-axis high-speed machining center capable of 24/7 unmanned operation, a laser welder, and 1300-ton and 850-ton injection molding machines, we are capable of producing highly precise dies and processing complex parts. We have received honorable praises for our production of complex special dies with specifications that include built-in servo motors or other mechanisms, which were created from our fully arranged facilities and seasoned skills and techniques. We also have the capability of making large dies for multi-piece molding. We have significantly reduced processing times by our integrated in-house production, from product concept planning until passing final inspection, and through utilization of advanced 3D measuring as well as IoT technologies.

System for ensuring high performance and quality

New initiatives for next-generation products

We have implemented a new initiative based on data analysis for structuring prediction data and creating risk aversion mechanisms. Our R&D of a total system for large dies to handle warpage deformation generated during injection molding is certified by the Strategic Core Technology Advancement Program. This system aims at establishing methods of directly producing the desired shapes by designing dies with advance predictions of time-based changes generated in the die production processes.

Future of our die division business

Productivity improvements through utilization of IoT

We have begun working on achieving 24/7 continuous processing by utilizing IoT and AI. We are also proactive in industry–government–academia collaborative research for next-generation products and technologies, as well as exploring new themes and business fields. Important future projects include continuous improvement in the precision and speed of the reverse engineering and expansion of direct orders from the North American, European and Asian markets. The core of our future business promotion is “talent development.” Our goal is to encourage employees to enhance their skills and the ability to flexibly handling multiple roles.