CAD systems



3D Printer

  • Machine capable of forming 3D shapes by the method of laminate formation from 3D data drawn by 3D CAD.

Used as a tool for verifying the pre-release drawings or pre-assembly processes utilizing the above characteristics.

Hi-speed microscope

  • Easily installable and operable, and designed with video measurement for speed or time / distance.
  • Capable also of enlarged observation and photo-shooting as a microscope.

Used for verifying the high-speed units of the conveyor/index tables under operation on the production lines, utilizing the above characteristics.

Production of automotive parts

Arc welding line

Automated line using material handling robot transfer wherein chassis parts are welded in each process from sub-assembly to final assembly

Assembly / inspection line

Automated line for assembly, press fitting, tightening and inspection of engine parts with auto supply units and inter-process pallet transfer