Company Policy

Quality policy
  1. Improve technology, skills and management and Understand the customer needs so as to offer products which fulfill the customer-designated criteria.
  2. Aim to be a corporation which complies with the relevant laws and regulations and thus contributes to society through creation of a workplace where each individual can perform to 100% of their potential.
  3. Effectively run the quality management system in order to continually improve the total performance.
International Quality Management System Certified “ISO9001”
Date of certification: April 23, 1999
Environment policy
Basic policy
  1. Law compliance, prevention of contamination and continuous improvement
    We comply with the laws, regulations and agreements on environmental matters, proactively work on environmental conservation and contamination prevention and implement continuous improvement measures.
  2. Reduction of environmental impact
    We endeavor to conserve resources, energy and so on in all stages of our corporate activities.
  3. Enhancement of environmental awareness
    We enhance consciousness of environmental conservation among all employees through environmental education and awareness activities.
  4. Contribution to local community
    We positively engage in local community activities for environmental protection.
Action guidelines
  1. Eco-friendly machine / die manufacturing
    We pay attention to environmental impacts resulting from all stages of development, design, procurement and manufacture and endeavor to save and recycle resources and energy.
  2. Contribution to society
    Recognizing that it is vital for us as a member of society to strive to conserve the global environment, we work on effective utilization of resources and reduction of industrial waste.
International Environment Management System Certified “ISO14001”
Date of certification: April 5, 2000
Occupational safety and healthWe place priority on the safety and health of all workers and work operations in all aspects of our corporate activities.
Occupational safety and health policy
  1. We identify risks and hazards related to work, machines or facilities both on our premises and our customersʼ premises and implement risk assessment.
  2. We comply with the laws, in-house regulations and agreements related to occupational safety and health.
  3. In cooperation with all employees, we proactively engage in voluntary safety and health promotion activities and endeavor to make continuous improvement and upgrading.
  4. We regularly review the adequacy, validity and effectivity of our occupational safety and health management system.
  5. We endeavor to promote qualitative improvement in occupational safety and health through necessary education and awareness activities for all of our employees and suppliers.
  6. We endeavor to maintain and enhance the health of all individuals working in our company.
  7. We disclose to the public our occupational safety and health policy upon request.
Occupational Safety and Health Management System Certified OSHMS
Date of certification: April 5, 2004
Fuso Code of Corporate EthicsDate of implementation: February 1, 2008
Code of corporate ethics

In recent years, higher demands have been made for corporations to take their social responsibility. In response, we recognize that it is an important social responsibility for our company as well as each and every employee in our company to carry out business activities in compliance with the relevant laws, regulations and social norms. We think such an attitude in corporate management is what will build up a positive work environment and sound business relationships and contribute to social advancement, which in turn will garner the company a high level of trust and a good reputation among our customers. For this reason, we have set out the “Fuso Code of Corporate Ethics” and oblige all board members and employees to observe the provisions thereunder.

  1. Provision of excellent products and services
    We provide our customers with safe, eco-friendly and high-quality products and services and thereby contribute to the development of our society.
  2. Observance of rules
    We observe the relevant laws, regulations and in-house rules and act fairly and sincerely with socially recognized common sense. We take a clear stand against anti-social forces or organizations which threaten the order and safety of civil society.
  3. Duty as corporate citizen
    Recognizing that a company is a member of society, we communicate freely and widely with society and disclose corporate information as needed in an appropriate manner. We also promote corporate activities in consideration of the environment and thus contribute to the development of the local community.
  4. Respect for human rights
    We respect the personality and character of each and every board member and employee and endeavor to create an open and safe workplace.
  5. Assurance of safety and health
    We endeavor to assure the safety and health of the employees in their workplaces and create a comfortable work environment.
Corporate ethics hotline
Location / contact (email or mail)
Company contact : Corporate Ethics Hotline Office
Postal mail : 500 Oaza Masuda, Kuwana City, 511-8558
Corporate Ethics Hotline Office
Fuso Machine Works, Ltd.
Attorney : Sugimoto & Hasebe Law OfficeLawyer
Masatoshi Sugimoto
Postal mail : 14-4 Chubu, Yokkaichi City, 510-0082
Sugimoto Law Office
Fuso Procurement Basic PolicyDate of establishment : February 1, 2008
Procurement basic policy

Fuso will conduct procurement of work materials and services in compliance with the relevant laws, regulations and social norms while considering the environmental impact, and thereby promote prosperous coexistence with our suppliers based on mutual trust.

  1. Compliance with laws, regulations and social norms
    We comply with the spirit of relevant laws and regulations, as well with as social norms. We pay due attention to the handling of confidential information obtained through our business transactions.
  2. Consideration for the environment
    We give priority to procurement of materials or products designed with the global environment in mind and contribute to product development and manufacture with less environmental impact.
  3. Promotion of fair and equitable trade
    We keep ourselves wide open to businesses inside and outside the country and offer business opportunities fairly and equally to all who wish to trade with us.
  4. Mutual development based on mutual trust
    We build mutually trusting relationships with our suppliers through wholesome business transactions for mutual prosperity.