Company Overview

Trade name Fuso Machine Works, Ltd.
Establishment June 1, 1953
Capital JPY 30 million
President Gaku Hattori
Number of employees 360 in total
(Head office / Main Plant: 230, Toin Plant: 60, Hokusei Plant: 70)
Business Design and manufacture of automated machines
(for producing car parts, electrical / electronic parts, etc.)
Design and manufacture of measuring analysis devices and processing of molds, press dies and precision parts
Main business partners Denso Corporation, Toyota Motor Corporation, Toyota Motor East Japan,INC., Toyota Motor kyushu,INC., Toyota Auto Body CO., Ltd., Toyota Boshoku Corporation, Honda Motor Co., Ltd., Nikon Corporation, Tokyo Seimitsu Co., Ltd., Kobe Steel, Ltd., Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.
Head office / Main Plant
500 Oaza Masuda, Kuwana City, Mie Prefecture, 511-8558
TEL: 0594-24-5050 (switchboard), FAX: 0594-21-9394
Toin Plant
36 Aza Higashi-Kawahara, Oaza Tsukushi, Toin Town, Inabe County, Mie Prefecture, 511-0253
TEL: 0594-76-0661 (switchboard), FAX: 0594-76-0668
Toin Plant Second
1110 Roppano-Shinden, Toin Town, Inabe County, Mie Prefecture, 511-0242
TEL: 0594-86-0001 (switchboard), FAX: 0594-86-0022
Hokusei Plant
237 Hokuseicho Otsuji Shinden, Inabe City, Mie Prefecture, 511-0425
TEL: 0594-72-6111 (switchboard), FAX: 0594-72-6115
Overseas Locations
China Tianjin Fuso Machine Works Ltd. (Tianjin Dongli Development Area)
North America Fuso U.S.A., INC. (Lexington, KY)


1953 The company is established in Sotobori, Kuwana City
1956 Manufactures the company’s first specialized machine, Fine Boring Machine
1957 Begins producing specialized machines and precision dies
1961 Moves to the current location
1963 Starts trading with Denso Corporation
1968 Starts trading with Toyota Motor Corporation
Raises capital to JPY 10 million
1975 Starts trading with Honda Motor Co., Ltd.
1976 Begins design and manufacture of mold forming precision dies
1981 Exhibits NC centering machine at International Metal Processing Exhibition
1982 Starts trading with Sony Inazawa Corporation
Builds parts processing plant in Hokusei Town, Inabe County, Mie Prefecture (Hokusei Plant)
1986 Exhibits machine for mounting odd-shaped parts on PCBs at (Tokyo International Exhibition) Internepcon Japan
1987 Introduces CAD for dies
1988 Starts trading with Fuji Machine Mfg. Co., Ltd.
Introduces CAD for specialized machines
1989 Raises capital to JPY 30 million
1991 Builds die production plant in Toin Town, Inabe County, Mie Prefecture (Toin Plant)
1992 Renovates Head Office and Main Plant
(awarded 6th Nikkei Chubu Area New Office Encouragement Prize in 1993)
1996 Completes LAN system in Head Office / Main Plant
Introduces groupware (Notes)
1997 Introduces CAD / CAM system in Hokusei Plant
Completes company-wide network (WAN)
1998 Exhibits a new type of machine for mounting odd-shaped parts on PCBs at Jisso ProTec at Technopia Nagoya
1999 Attains the internationally recognized ISO 9001 Quality Management System certification
2000 Starts trading with Nikon Corporation
Starts trading with Tokyo Seimitsu Co., Ltd.
Attains the internationally recognized ISO 14001 Environment Management System certification
2001 Adds precision parts processing plant to Hokusei Plant
2003 Establishes Tianjin Fuso Machine Works Ltd. in China
Establishes Fuso U.S.A., INC. in North America
2004 Attains “OSHMS” Occupational Safety and Health Management System certification
2005 Adds plant for manufacture of large dies at Toin Plant
2008 Builds specialized machine manufacturing plant in Toin Town, Inabe County (Toin Plant 2)
2015 Establishes PT. Fuso Machine Works INDONESIA in Indonesia
Adds specialized machine assembly plant to Toin Plant 2