Fuso Spirit

We represent the three-faceted creed of “integration,” “originality” and “security” based on the three forces of our corporate philosophy, “effort, cooperation and vigor.”

Fusoʼs Core Competencies

We respond strongly to our customersʼ needs with our “integrated competence” wherein the forces of our technical capabilities, manufacturing technology, organization strengths and human resources are consolidated.
1. Technical capabilities
We cater to customer needs based on our rich experience and accomplishments.

We utilize our creativity for incorporating new technologies and accumulated know-how to propose optimal automation / rationalization system solutions as a top partner that impresses our customers.

2. Manufacturing technology
We support customers in their preparatory processes from designing to launch of production lines.

We offer our customers “joy” in their preparatory processes by speedily completing the project through our integrated system of unique web-based production management covering design, parts processing, assembly, adjustment and onsite launch.

3. Organizational strength
We support customers for their overseas business expansion in collaboration with our global network.

We fulfil our customersʼ requests in an expedient manner through full utilization of our global network consisting of our mother plants in Japan and overseas facilities in North America and China.

4. Human resources
We contribute to the manufacturing activity of our customers with our employees who are able to think and act on their own based on our corporate motto of “effort, cooperation and vigor.”
Doryoku (effort)
Unmatched, one-of-a-kind products created with high craftsmanship.
Kyoryoku (cooperation)
All of us in our company cooperate to develop our company and bring vitality to our local community.
Kiryoku (vigor)
We follow through with all customer requests with sincerity and vigor.

We provide our customers full support with our staff who have been cultivated under this motto ever since our establishment.

Fusoʼs Corporate Identity

In conjunction with the beginning of the Fuso Spirit, we have renewed the Fuso logo design and added a tagline. With these various aspects of this new corporate representation symbolizing the past tradition and future progress of Fuso Machine Works, we aim to enhance the value of the corporate brand.

The tips of the letters pointing diagonally upward to the right indicate “liveliness” and contain the idea of “continuing to challenge ourselves and moving forward daily.” The bold type expresses an image of dignity and technology. The letter “O” of Fuso has a special feature signifying two meanings.
The first is the will of “unity, drive and security” as the basis of “Fuso Spirit.”
The second is the image of advancement in the three primary business operations of special purpose machines, die production and parts production, each of which supports the others.

The new tagline (corporate slogan) “always forward” was designated to represent the basis of action and thinking behind the “challenge,” “unity and drive” and “realization” related to the pillar of “originality (effort)” under the “Fuso Spirit.”
These words, familiar and clear to everyone, remind us of the continuous challenge of the company and remind each and every one of our employees to challenge themselves with new things in their daily work environment. We convey the mind of Fuso Machine Works inside and outside the company in this simple and effective message.