Domestic Locations

Head office / Main Plant
500 Oaza Masuda, Kuwana City, Mie Prefecture, 511-8558
TEL: 0594-24-5050 (switchboard), FAX: 0594-21-9394
Main business : Design and manufacture of specialized machines
Start of operation : 1961
Number of employees : 230 (including Toin Plant 2)
Building area : 6,079m2 Site area : 16,304m2
Toin Plant Second
1110 Roppano-Shinden, Toin Town, Inabe County, Mie Prefecture, 511-0242
TEL: 0594-86-0001 (switchboard), FAX: 0594-86-0022
Main business : Assembly of specialized machines
Start of operation : 2008
Building area : 2,815m2Site area : 8,262m2
Toin Plant
36 Aza Higashi-Kawahara, Oaza Tsukushi, Toin Town, Inabe County, Mie Prefecture, 511-0253
TEL: 0594-76-0661 (switchboard), FAX: 0594-76-0668
Main business : Design and manufacture of high-precision, hard-to-process molds and press dies
Start of operation : 1991 Number of employees : 60
Building area : 3,614m2 Site area : 7,904m2
Hokusei Plant
237 Hokuseicho Otsuji Shinden, Inabe City, Mie Prefecture, 511-0425
TEL: 0594-72-6111 (switchboard), FAX: 0594-72-6115
Main business : Precision parts processing
Start of operation : 1982 Number of employees : 70
Building area : 5,540m2 Site area : 16,862m2

Overseas Locations

China, Tianjin
  • Trade name : Tianjin Fuso Machine Works Ltd.
  • Established : October 20, 2003
  • Address : No.2 Workshop of Dida Industrial Park. No.39 Yijing Road, Dongli Development Area,Tianjin
    TEL: (86) 22-24998277, FAX (86) 22-24998276
  • Capital : $200,000 (wholly owned by Fuso Machine Works)
  • President : Gaku Hattori
  • General Manager : Hideki Ikeda
  • Number of employees : 22 (3 staff members from Fuso Japan)
  1. Company history

    Fuso China was established in 2003, and began operating in 2004. At that time there were 5 staff members including 1 employee from Fuso Japan. In December 2008, Fuso China obtained ISO14000 certification. The plant’s facilities were expanded to include 5 2D CAD stations in 2009 and 2010. In 2012 a 3D spatial coordinate measuring system (VMC5246C) was added. Fuso China entered into a business agreement with Denso Service Station (DICH) in 2013. Fuso China is continuing to look forward toward additional expansion opportunities.

  2. Main business partners

    Tianjin FAW Toyota Motor Co., Ltd. (TFTM)
    Sichuan Faw Toyota Motor Co., LTD (SFTM)
    Guangzhou Toyota Motor Co., Ltd. (GTMC)
    Denso (Guangzhou Nansha) Co., Ltd. (DMNS)
    Denso (Tianjin) Thermal Products Co., Ltd. (DMTT)
    Tianjin Denso Engine Electrical Products Co., Ltd. (TDS)
    Tianjin Denso Electronics Co., Ltd. (TDE)
    Tianjin Toyota Boshoku Automotive Parts Co., Ltd. (TTB)
    Toyota Tsusho M&E Tianjin Co., LTD (TTMEC)
    Tangshan Aisin Chemical Co., Ltd.

  3. Connection with Fuso Japan

    To serve the needs of the Chinese market, Fuso China is supported by Fuso Japan which functions as a technical center and parent company to all Fuso branches. The know-how and corporate resources developed by Fuso are being utilized efficiently on a company-wide basis.

  4. Business development

    Fuso China will increase local purchasing and technical capabilities so that operations that currently need support from Fuso Japan can eventually be completed 100% locally.

  5. Future vision

    Fuso China aims to become one of China’s most streamlined automation manufacturers by focusing on purchasing locally, improving staff abilities, and expanding our business partner network. We are committed to enhancing the production capacity of Fuso China and increasing our customers’ production volume in China.

United States, Kentucky
  • Trade name : Fuso U.S.A., INC.
  • Established : October 28, 2003
  • Address:1712 Jaggie Fox Way, Lexington, KY 40511
    TEL: (1) 859-373-0206, FAX: (1) 859-373-0207
  • Capital : $200,000 (wholly owned by Fuso Machine Works)
  • President : Gaku Hattori
  • Manager : Kazuyuki Tominaga
  • Number of employees : 8 (4 staff members from Fuso Japan)
  1. Company history

    Fuso USA was established in 2003, and began offering engineering services. Initially there was a staff of five, including three staff members from Fuso Japan. Currently there are four experts in mechanical design, electrical engineering, and production engineering working at Fuso USA to assist meeting our customer’s needs. Fuso USA can support the full machine building process from the initial project specification meetings through design, assembly, adjustments, and installation.

  2. Main business partners

    DENSO Manufacturing Michigan, Inc. (DMMI)
    DENSO Mexico S.A. de C.V. (DNMX)
    DENSO Manufacturing Tennessee, Inc. (DMTN)
    DENSO Manufacturing Canada, Inc. (DMCN)
    DENSO Manufacturing Athens Tennessee, Inc.(DMAT)
    DENSO Manufacturing North Carolina, Inc.(DMNC)
    Michigan Automotive Compressor, Inc. (MACI)
    TOYOTA Motor Manufacturing, Kentucky, Inc. (TMMK)
    TOYOTA Motor Manufacturing, Canada, Inc. (TMMC)
    TOYOTA Motor Manufacturing, Indiana, Inc. (TMMI)
    Honda of America Mfg.,Inc.Anna Engine Plant (AEP)
    TBDN Tennessee Company (TBDN)

  3. Connection with Fuso Japan

    Fuso USA is supported by Fuso Japan which functions as a technical center and parent company. Depending on the scale of a North American project, Fuso USA can coordinate business between two countries (US and Japan) if needed. Fuso Japan can assist with large-scale projects by helping with part manufacturing and subassembly. Business information can be shared among the Fuso network which promotes optimal manufacturing.

  4. Development of new businesses

    Currently, Fuso USA is working with Fuso Japan’s die production department to expand into the mold and die industry. Also, by utilizing the network we’ve developed in North America through modification and maintenance work conducted on our customers’ machines, we are now fulfilling machine part orders.

  5. Future vision

    Along with increasing customers in Mexico and Canada, our aim is to continue to transfer Japanese manufacturing techniques and know-how to Fuso USA employees. We’ll continue to meet and exceed our customer expectations by completing machines at the high Fuso quality standard.