Presidentʼs Greeting

In cooperation with both our local community and our employees, we aim to be a world-leading company.

Fuso Machine Works was established by my grandfather, Osamu Hattori, in 1953 as a manufacturer of industrial machinery. Since then, Fuso has specialized in the business of manufacturing custom-made machines and dies. Since we began doing business with Denso in 1963 and with Toyota in 1968, along with the growth of motorization in Japan and the global expansion of our customers, we have built up our achievements and trust mainly in the design and manufacture of production equipment (special purpose machines) and dies used in the plants of our customers in the automotive industry. Due to major paradigm shifts occurring in the automotive industry in recent years, our customers are further reinforcing their development capabilities. While taking a number of new initiatives in our custom-made machine manufacture to meet our customersʼ requests, such as putting more emphasis on the pursuit of speed and quality, we are also taking on the challenges of introducing new technologies, pioneering new fields and expanding overseas. Now that words such as IoT, Industry 4.0, robotics and AI are familiar to the general public, I keenly feel there will continue to be a significant need for, and ample opportunities in, our specialty—the automation of production processes-to which we will direct all our resources to improve.

The word “Fuso” of our company name meant the country of Japan in ancient times, and the Chinese character indicating “Fu” means to offer assistance or help. Therefore, it is said our founder named the company “Fuso” to be a corporation to assist the local community of Kuwana and represent Japan. My mission is to realize the founderʼs will by developing the company to be a globally competitive corporation known as the “internationally acclaimed Fuso of Japan” while firmly rooted in the local community. I believe the history and future of Fuso Machine Works has been and will be supported by the high technical capabilities and noble-minded employees. I will continue to cherish the “corporate culture based on the life of employees” maintained by the successive presidents to realize corporate management whereby all staff feel happiness, both materially and mentally. I am determined to continue to grow with anticipation and courage shared by all members while continuing to maintain our craftsmenʼs expertise and engaging in new challenges.

President    Gaku Hattori

Corporate Philosophy

1. A company that cherishes its customers

A pleasant company wherein each and every employee treats customers with care

2. A company that pursues technology and skill

A progressive company that responds to any customer request with high technologies and skills

3. A company that has rich humanity

A creative company that offers a workplace with rich humanity and security, both in the hardware and software aspects

4. A company that is loved by the local community

An advancing company that contributes to the development and activation of local culture and moves forward with the community

5. A company that contributes to environmental conservation

An active company that practices proactive environmental activities with the local community through user- and eco-friendly manufacturing